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Personalized/Custom Made Songs for Any Occasion

Offering the perfect gift for you, a friend, loved one, family member, colleague etc...

Contact me with pertinent info, and I'll write you a song according to your needs and desires. I provide a test-stream or template of the song online so you can approve the basic essence of the music, then I go ahead and complete it. (The highest standard in Pro-Audio Studio Recording and Performance).

Pay is dependent upon the nature and/or depth of the request. I've found that people like my 2 package option:

For $150.00, I record a piano/voice arrangement.
For $300.00, a more involved arrangement with many tracks/instruments/vocals.
In terms of an hourly rate, it averages out to $50.00 per hour. A great deal!

I have many samples of completed portraits with an array of styles on my website... You'll have confidence in the final product by first hearing my various samples of music. I've provided tunes/compositions for INDIVIDUAL needs and GROUP affairs: For painters, poets, holiday-gifts, Mothers day, Fathers day, veterans, children, philosophers, teachers, writers, actors, singers who need "backing tracks," hobbyists, music for anniversaries, sporting events, weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduation, various celebrations and more...

Contact me to discuss the custom made song you would like for me to create and I'll do everything in my power to exceed your expectations.