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CDs and DVDs for sale:

*All CDs were composed & performed in realtime by Randy Reeman.
(all content/instrumentation/vocals/mixing/engineering by R. Reeman)
Re: Christmas, Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin covers: (licensed/paid permission)
© ℗ Randy Reeman 1990-2013. All rights reserved.

A way to purchase music per album and per song will be available soon...
Email Randy at 667dickdarr@gmail.com.

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Myia's Reign
Mystical/hypno-soul and rock, raw folk; Piano and vocal dominated... love songs, etc.
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The Incinerator
Realtime art-rock, experimental metal, punk, alternative. Anger-emoting vocals & bloody wakes behind splintering boats-psychedelic, hypnotic, liberating, angry, fun...
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Tattered Flag
Art-rock, experimental rock, alternative, etc.
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Private Carnival
Art-rock, experimental rock, alternative, folk, improvisations, etc.
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Pensive and introspective music for meditation, self-awareness and massage.
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Free Evil
Halloween music! (Alternative/Experimental/
Comedy art-rock; (Punk, improvisational folk, metal, "goth-opera," "vampire rock," "bazaar reggae."
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Lodges Of Dogtown
Instrumental/Soundtrack music including works written for Daily Pike's musical comedy, "All Men Are Dogs." Music interpreted by Daily Pike's melodies/raw song ideas (Musical Score including themes & variartions by R. Reeman...)
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Phobot Farm
Alternative and bazaar art-rock.
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Hyponotic Soul. Filmic, soundtrack-like soul and raw folk; Piano and vocal dominated... love songs, etc.
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4 Track Stuff From 1991-1996
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Festival Of The Blue Flame
Four-track Halloween music from 1995-1996 including remixes of "Four Track Stuff"
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Voices From A God Called Earth
Live recordings; minimalism, folk and world elements.
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Dr. Vaughn Rune
Dark, evil, improvised audio-theater completely immersed in the spirit of Halloween.
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Sunset's Throne
Original art-rock and variations on themes. (Regarding dance variation on a theme #1: Theme idea derived from Giacomo Puccini's "IN QUESTA REGGIA" from Turandot. Regarding dance variation on a theme #2: Theme idea derived from "GEORGES BIZET'S SEGUIDILLA" from Carmen.) (Concept-collaborations w/Capri Compton.)
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Pendulum In The Paint of Skies
Four track recordings from 1996; tender, folky and mellifluous.
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Snipe Fires
Four track art-rock, alternative.
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Reeman Does Hendrix & Zeppelin
Ambitious Zeppelin and Hendrix tribute/interpretation.
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Reeman Does More Zeppelin
(cont.) Ambitious Zeppelin tribute/interpretation.
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Dig East Series
Eastern influenced rock, folk, punk, alternative, etc. Including ambient, live hand-drum/vocals/guitar 28 improvisations, etc.
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Love Is In
Hypno-soul, custom-made songs, alternative, songs for friends...
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High Watch On Christmas
Original Christmas tunes. Covers used by permission.
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Hermosa Beach DVD
Improvised studio performance/film starring Randy Reeman, Aragorn Wiederhold, Ryan Krieger and Joel Geist, etc.
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Imprava Pavlava DVD
Improvised performance/film starring Randy Reeman, Bryon Holley, and Charlie Hitchcock, engineered by Joel Geist.