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Howdy, folks. Thank you for visiting my art-page which presents my solo studio work, compositions, improvisations and live performance spanning from 1990 thru 2013. I'm a pianist/"synthist," singer, composer, recording artist, actor and poet. Since grade school and especially since graduating from Cal Arts, I have finished 30 original records, 2 cover records and 3 experimental movies. I've been steadily composing/recording/performing/teaching music throughout my life including work/tours with a litany of "acts"/bands/ensembles in L.A. and Colorado: The Lawrence Welk Orchestra, Sturgeon, Sea Palace/GhostRow productions, Black Symphony, Target Sunshine, Hermosa Bleach, Randy/Dusty Show, 9 million B.C., many church and theater endeavors as musical director, indie films, so on and so forth… I've also done and currently do my own radioshow (November Rain Radiation Radio), bazaar jingles for various productions, accompanist and improv. work with comedy troupes, acting classes, theater companies, etc.… including children's songs I've written for the film advisory board and personalized songs/"custom gift-songs" for manifold occasions, events and needs…

My original work delves into a panoply of styles ranging from hypno-soul to sweaty folk, experimental rock on into vampire reggae; circus-gruel, neoclassical hopscotch, elegant soul, film/landscapey menageries, dirty-sock metal, funk, punk, comedy, children's songs, gunslinger country, effusive improvisation and pensive pausing at the flickering pond of docile lullabies bombed by chaos-rock.

I employ the art of realtime recording -- a freestyle tracking process on all instrumentation with a raw vocal approach. I've always shrugged away from sequencing, computer correction and programming tracks in the studio… Computers are amazing yet unnatural when they control too much of the process; computers are for recording/capturing the music, not executing it. I crave spontaneity and interactive excitement within the solo, 'one-man-band' realm… I embrace raw performance as a drummer, guitarist, "synthist," bassist, flautist, cellist etc., using realistic keyboard sounds, hand drums, "finger-drumkit" and artful engineering techniques with a sort of "70's warmth." The emphasis on spontaneity is central to musical form in composition and song making; furthermore, the attainment of universal edification in art is key; pun intended. The ability to perceive beauty and inspiration from music is equally important to the role of performing it.