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YouTube / live clips

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Original samples, etc.:
(All music/instrumentation (KeyDrums, Keytar & KeyBass etc.
are played in live/realtime on all originals & on all
covers by R.Reeman).
All composition, performance & production by R.Reeman.
(A few exceptions on lyrics are noted below).
(Radio bumpers for Paul Rohrer Show by R.R.)
Complete original albums available for purchase.
© 1990-2013 Randy Reeman

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Re: Christmas, Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin covers:
(licensed/paid permission via Limelight)
"Just Goodnight" (poem by Gary Ervin)
"Last Words of a Soldier" (poem by Don Striker)
"Let Me See You Shine" (poem by Blake Shields)
"Love Is In" (poem by Abra Andelson)

Excerpts from The Sea Palace Band, Randy/Dusty Show &
9 Million B.C. are LIVE & IMPROVISED studio-band-jams.
Sea Palace Band stars Randy Reeman (vocals, keyboards, key-tars),
Jason Buck (guitar), Chris Kerr (bass), Mick Linden (bass),
Darren Pujalet (drums), Bryon Holley (drums), Michael Moody (guitar),
Ryan Krieger (drums), Engineering by Joel Geist.

9 Million B.C. stars Trevor Boyer (drums, vocals, engineer),
Randy Reeman (lead vocals, keyboards), Casey Butler (bass,
backing vocals, guitar, saxophone), Bernard Katz
(space module keyboard, sound effects, backing vox),
Eddie Felix (saxophone).

Randy/Dusty Show is Dustin Boyer (drums, backing vox, engineer)
and R. Reeman (vocals, keyboard).

Special thanks to the Boyer Bros., Sea Palace Studios,
Jason Buck & Joel Paul Geist.